Sunday, 26 August 2012

Start thinking about who you are going to vote for?

The kids bike jumps are now for sale, it is more important then ever we get our petition out there with as many signature as ever. This heartless council has not given these kids anywhere to build there jumps or to ride and are selling it out from under them. These places are important for kids. We take it for granted that the places we had as kids are gradually being taken away from our kids. Where I grew up a lot of the places that I went as a kid are now not accessible. As a result there is more drug use and crime as the kids have been locked in by our actions or perhaps a lack of action! It's time to protect these areas for our kids, grand kids and future generations. It is selfish of us to not care because it doesn't effect us directly. In the long term it will effect the whole community!

There is an election in just a few weeks. If you do nothing else at least send this to all your friends asking them to sign it and pass it on to there friends as well.  It's time to get this petition out there and save this area for all of us.

Make sure you ask the people you intend to vote for what they are willing to do to protect this area. Don't believe it if anyone tells you it's a done deal. That is not true! they is just a way to attempt to shut us up! It's not working and this can all be reversed at anytime. They will just have to sit down and think about a solution instead of the quick and easy way! Start thinking about who you are going to vote for and don't just blindly vote for the party you would normally vote for with out knowing who they are and what they are willing to do for the community. I have been guilty of this in the past, never again!

Sign our online petition click on the link below

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