Monday, 30 April 2012

Compiling a list of Community Concerns

We are seeking some input:

Our immediate aim is to stop this major housing development on Blackheath airstrip and surrounding bushland until there has been proper community consultation and assessment of the social and environmental impact.

We are planning to meet with each councillor next week and are in the process of compiling a list of community concerns to raise with them. If you have any concerns please e-mail them to us in dot-point form.

Thank you for your valued input,
Blackheath Airstrip Community Group


  1. Hands off the airstrip.

    Where is the RFS going to conduct its water bombing operations from if this site is no longer available?

    The town residents need fire protection, and they are not going to get it from water bombing aircraft if this site is developed.

    Also, as was noted in concerns about current infrastructure, will the water mains and added pressure on it from new development leave Hat Hill Road residents high and dry in the event of a bush fire like the one at Yellow Rock a few years ago?

    Leave the air stip alone, if anything, build a hangar or support infrastructre for fire fighting choppers and fire brigades.

    ... otherwise, just put it down for a possible alternative site to Badgery's Creek and Canberra Airport as Sydney's second airport.

  2. Blackheath is a village. It doesn't need the development of a potential ghetto, on its fringe.

    Authorities need to deal with the random crime and vandalism [particularly during holiday seasons], ahead of Council's fixation on revenues from such development.

  3. No more prefab estates for Blackheath!

    While tourism is not the optimum way to sustain the economy in the Mountains it is still necessary - why are tourist going to continue to come to the Mountains to see even more dull banal prefab estates that at cheap, nasty and just potential slums.

  4. Employment in the mountains is very low - many people I know with families who are qualified and hard workers are cleaning or on welfare payments - this makes for a community that is dependant on welfare and does not spend money in the local community; people who are trapped here and do not really want to be here.

    Housing estates such as this should be built in city areas close to jobs and transport - not in rural areas where people get stuck and cannot improve their lives financially or otherwise.

    Sure sell of 10- 20 blocks of land but to people who have the means to build their own houses inline with the character of the mountains and with environmental considerations.

    Look at places like lithgow and bathurst that have built these estates - now they are slums rife with bored youth, alcohol and drug problems and people who can afford to and do stay on welfare payments for their lives - giving nothing back to the towns and taking everything.

  5. 45 to 90 houses - how many people does that equate to - there is no employment for the people scrapping a living in rural areas in the first place so why bring more people here and create more unemployment, boredom and violence = slums.