Sunday, 26 August 2012

Community Consultation it is Not

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community consultation- not

I e-mailed Nathan Summers from council about how the properties that make up the bike jump site could be listed for sale when we have had email confirmation, and one meeting already, where council would at least consider retaining this land as a reserve for the kids.In spite of this the terms of this "consultation" have been re-written to only consider the new proposed interim site and not the existing site [see attachment].

Their consultation is a sham, I have no faith that they will do anything for the local kids regarding the bike track and there is very little integrity within councils management team and their representatives. The hamfisted way that they have handled this is indicative of the whole development.

I have no faith in this process and I will briefly be attending the on site meeting today at 2pm today to tell Nathan, Elisabeth and the Council in general the same. It is too nice a day to wast any more time with them.

(Letter from council below)

Thankyou for your email of Friday 24 August 2012.  The purpose of the Hat Hill Dirt Bike Jump consultation is to obtain information on how to best manage the Dirt Bike Jump relocation.  It was never about whether the relocation would occur or not.  I apologise if this was not made clear at the meeting of Wednesday 15 Augsut.  
This particular process is not about whether the land sale should proceed.  If you wish to communicate with Council about whether the land sale should proceed please do so through your Ward Councillors or by correspondence with the General Manager.
The decision to proceed with the sale of land was the result of a Council Resolution from the meeting of the 13 March 2012.  As a result of this decision, Council staff were aware that land sales were going to take place as part of the process.  The Project Plan listing the schedule for the Stage 1 of the land sale can be viewed on Council’s website on the web page for the Hat Hill Road, Blackheath Project.  
The process that the Recreation Team were asked to undertake has been to manage the relocation of the DBJ site, and we hope that you will continue to engage with us to get the best result possible in these circumstances.  When we report to Council the outcomes of the consultation, it can be reported that the users feel the existing site cannot be matched.  
I hope this answers your query.  You can contact me on the details below if you would like to discuss this further.


Nathan Summers
Recreation Development Officer
Blue Mountains City Council

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