Saturday, 21 April 2012

Blackheath faces major development!

Blue Mountains City Council has approved development of the Hat Hill Rd ex-airstrip site and large areas of surrounding bushland.

This was done with absolutely NO consultation with residents or the community.

They are clearing a large amount of good bushland, and possibly installing 90 homes, twice what is recommended by their own zoning.

This is being considered based on a now-outdated subdivision plan from 1928.

It is being done purely for financial reasons and has not been fully documented, ie the small community of Blackheath is possibly being hugely impacted for little or no reason

They have assessed the environmental and social impact as "nil"!

THIS WILL START IN MAY 2012… not much time to have your voice heard!

Details can be found by downloading the PDF
on the right, under
"Item 13: Project Plan for Existing Land Sub-Division in Hat Hill Road, Blackheath"

Things to do:

We chose to live in Blackheath, a unique small town where we can enjoy the bush. We would expect to be able to be consulted about such a major impact on our environment and our community.


  1. If springwood needs funding for it community centre then these sort of houseing developments need to be built there - Blackheath does not have employment to support that increase of numbers in the village - most blackheathens who live and work here are struggling and living below the poverty line as it is and having retirees come and plonk themselves here not spending money does not help and it needs to be remembered for younger people that public transport is close to nil at some times of the day. Place these housing estates at Springwood where people can access work and schools - not Blackheath

  2. How patriarchal and patronising the council meeting sounded - sure open up some ladn here and there for building small eco griendly housing but 90 homes.. a large housing estated for Blackheath - these banal housing estates are ruining the character of the mountains - look at hazelbrook and the awfulness of the shops at Lawson - now they are trying to ruin the unique and beautiful Blackheath.

  3. What about a much needed Nursing home for Hat Hill Road. Build something that will help the long term residents of the community who have paid there taxes and rates here for so long.

    90 houses - sure some land needs to be sold here and there but not in large blocks so developers can come in and build the cheapest houses and take the money and run.

    Tell the Council it is 10 blocks of land, build Blackheath a much needed nursing home and fix the lights and install footpaths on Hat Hill, Robb Ave and Godson.

    Has the Council done its research - do people want to live so close to a sewer - no - blocks of land have been on the market around Hat Hill for ages,