Saturday, 7 September 2013

Think before you vote!

Hi Guys, Voting starts in one hour and one thing you should consider. During our fight with the Blue Mountains City Council to stop them developing the airstrip. The only party that showed any support at a local and state level were the Greens. Liberal and Labor seemed to support the development and not worry too much about the local community or the environment. Liberal and Labor put money before community! I am not telling you who to vote for however this is something that has affect us all here in the Blue Mountains and something you should consider before you vote.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Incompetents or Corruption?

It appears elected representatives have let the people of Blackheath and the rest of the Mountains down once more. About to spend money they don’t have to pay for something they can’t afford and to make a return that won’t even cover the costs of general maintenance for the new residential and surrounding area. All based on a lack of important reports (Fire, Soil, and Water Supply) and an environmental report that has corruption written on every page.
Now they and us will become victims of there own doing. The state government will be taking LEP’s out of their hands because of incompetence and the ridicules time it takes them process building applications. (Except this development which only took the council a week to approve!)
God only knows what this development will end up looking like now, perhaps it will be surrounded by colour bond fences and look a bit like Penrith or Seiberi Close! Perhaps the state government has already been controlling the council for a long time as a large portion of them are Liberal/Labour and they are just puppets of their parties.

This development only shows that the Councillors and the Managers of Blue Mountains City Council are either incompetent or corrupt and do not represent the people they put them there. 


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Council meeting - Hat Hill Road Blackheath – Dirt Bike Jump Relocation

Council meeting - Hat Hill Road Blackheath – Dirt Bike Jump Relocation

The purpose of this letter is to advise that the Council Report for the relocation of the Dirt Bike Jump at Hat Hill Road, Blackheath will be going to the Council meeting of Tuesday 11 December 2011, with the recommendation that the relocation of the dirt bike jump be deferred pending the finalisation of the review of the Dirt Jump Strategy teview, scheduled to occur during the 2013 financial year.

This Council meeting is scheduled to commence at 7:30pm, in the Council Chambers, Civic Place, Katoomba. The meeting is open to the public and you are welcome to attend. If you wish to address the meeting regarding the report, including the recommendation, you are requested to be in attendance prior to 7:30pm to register yo

ur intention with Council Officers. (Refer to the Council’s Code of Meeting Practice over leaf).

Copies of the Business Paper with the attached draft Plan of Management will be available for perusal on the Thursday preceding the meeting at the Blaxland, Springwood and Katoomba Libraries (between 9:00am and 4:00pm) and Lawson, Wentworth Falls and Blackheath Libraries (between 9:00am and 12:00 noon). The Business Paper is also available on Council’s web site from 12am Wednesday 5 December, If you would like to discuss anything in relation to the Council Report, you may contact me on 4780 5573 or .

Yours faithfully
Recreation Development Officer

A reminder of what we will be losing!

No Drainage is OK for the Blue Mountains City Council in a World Heritage Area

Why are developers required by Council to spend large amounts of money on storm water drainage systems and yet the Blue Mountains City Council seem to be able to get away with doing nothing at all? (Photo taken at the Seiberi Close development, Blackheath)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BMCC should be fully responsible for any new development placed in a high risk fire areas.

BMCC should be fully responsible for any new development placed in a high risk fire areas. They should ensure the safety of existing residents and any future residents in those areas. They should not increase the risk as they will be doing on the Hat Hill site. They should be providing safe refuge areas, clear evacuation routes and upgrading water supplies to ensure water pressure is not compromised during any fire operation. BMCC should be held fully accountable should these areas come under treat and result in property damage of loss of life.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

What are the thinking or do they only see $$$?

The RFS and the BMCC are very aware of how vulnerable the Blue mountains is to bush fire. That is why they we are seeing an increase in hazard reductions in the area however this alone will not be enough. So why do BMCC want to pack more people into the areas that are already most at risk? The water supply barely coped during the last fires in 2006 which were not even close to a worst case situation. If that isn’t bad enough it’s they are putting it at the end of a road that will turn into a bottle neck when it all hit the fan! What are BMCC they thinking or are they only seeing $$$ ?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Congratulations to all the new councilors

Congratulations to all the new councilors. Now it's time to see if they represent us the community or if they represent their party? I'm sure they will do the right thing by the community.

Friday, 7 September 2012

A New Beginning?

 With only a day before the election I’ve been thinking about what an amazing journey I have been on these past few months. Although the Blue Mountains City Council has left a sour taste in many mouths I can at least say if nothing else I have made many new strong friendships and done many things I never thought I would have to do. I am proud to be part of a group that stood up to right an injustice of greed and power. I am very impressed with the numbers of people that have supported us in the Mountains and it just goes to show how community and environment focused we all are.

I would like to thank you all for your support and the members of BACG for being such an outstanding team. I would also like to thank Brent for helping us out and being there from the beginning. He has truly show he’s passionate commitment to the community and the environment. I would especially like to thank Councilor Eleanor Gibbs whom was our defender at the beginning and the only one to truly stand up for the Blue Mountains Community by proposing the council follows it’s own policies and to vote for Community Consultation. She gave us a the drive to go the distance and is a great women whom I admire, thanks EL.

One might think by the tone of this post that we are at an end? Well you would be right! We are hopefully at a turning point with a new beginning just round the corner with only a few of the current councilors running for election. The community of the Blue Mountains has an opportunity to start with a clean slate. A chance to start a new council where community consultation is of a high priority and not something you do when it’s convenient or come post event as a box ticking exercise. Community Consultation should not be twisted and bent to suit the means of an outcome. It should be accessible and aimed at a broad range of people and user groups and be aimed at achieving a best outcome for all.

The new council has an obligation to make sure what has happened to the people of Blackheath doesn't happen again to anyone living on the Blue Mountains. It has an obligation to review what has happened and seek a stop work/sale of the site until alternatives have been investigated, full independent reports are completed and made public. And finally a FULL COMMUNITY CONSULTATION process has been put in place prior to any approvals or recommencement of the project. Anything less than this is a failure of leadership and a failure of service to the community of the Mountains.

The new councilors should always remember they have an obligation to serve the community that voted them in and should not be puppets to the parties they support. Big party politics has no place at a community level! And of course not be controlled by the managers of the BMCC. The managers are there to serve the councilors not the other way round as it currently stands.

All we are asking is that the council does the right thing by the community they serve. I am feeling confident the new council will see the error of the last and do the right thing by all of us. I would like to wish the new councilors well and look forward to a new beginning in the mountains.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Meet the Council Candidates

Thanks to those who organized the Meet The Candidates Night. It was good to hear what they had to say and to see such a good turnout. Well worth attending before the election. I will definitely be going to any future events like this so I know who I'm voting for and recommend others to do the same.

Sign at the airstrip

Recently we have learnt of vandalism to the for sale sign at the airstrip. Although we believe the council do not have the right to sell this land under the current situation of no community consultation and bypassing there own policies and procedures. BACG do not believe that damaging the sign is the best way in which to push our point. Individuals carrying out such actions are doing so of their own accord and do so without the support of BACG.

I have spoken with many people that are not happy with what is happening. The council have now turned people that are law abiding citizens into criminals. Well done Blue Mountains City Council! We are all well aware of who the real criminals are aren't we "BMCC" selling land that rightfully belongs to the community!

Click here to listen to a truly criminal act - 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I think we should all go to this. This invitation is on the BAG website. Click here -

Meet the Council Candidates
26 Aug 2012 - 31 Aug 2012

Please be warmly invited to meet the Ward One candidates in this upcoming Council election.

·        Thursday 30th August 2012 at 7 pm

·        Bates Hall, Blackheath Community Centre,
Gardiner Crescent, Blackheath

·        Get to hear what your candidates have to say about local issues; ask them questions and make an informed choice when you vote on September 8th. We need candidates that are prepared to represent us and our concerns.

Can I ask you to pass this invitation on to others on your email list.

This event is being sponsored by an Alliance of Blackheath Community Groups* and is co-ordinated by the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre and the Blackheath Highway Action Group (BAG).


Michael Paag
Chair - BAG on behalf of the BAG committee

Blackheath Highway Action Group
Safer roads, freight on rail, better public transport

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Start thinking about who you are going to vote for?

The kids bike jumps are now for sale, it is more important then ever we get our petition out there with as many signature as ever. This heartless council has not given these kids anywhere to build there jumps or to ride and are selling it out from under them. These places are important for kids. We take it for granted that the places we had as kids are gradually being taken away from our kids. Where I grew up a lot of the places that I went as a kid are now not accessible. As a result there is more drug use and crime as the kids have been locked in by our actions or perhaps a lack of action! It's time to protect these areas for our kids, grand kids and future generations. It is selfish of us to not care because it doesn't effect us directly. In the long term it will effect the whole community!

There is an election in just a few weeks. If you do nothing else at least send this to all your friends asking them to sign it and pass it on to there friends as well.  It's time to get this petition out there and save this area for all of us.

Make sure you ask the people you intend to vote for what they are willing to do to protect this area. Don't believe it if anyone tells you it's a done deal. That is not true! they is just a way to attempt to shut us up! It's not working and this can all be reversed at anytime. They will just have to sit down and think about a solution instead of the quick and easy way! Start thinking about who you are going to vote for and don't just blindly vote for the party you would normally vote for with out knowing who they are and what they are willing to do for the community. I have been guilty of this in the past, never again!

Sign our online petition click on the link below

Community Consultation it is Not

Mike Corkin - Post on our Facebook page
community consultation- not

I e-mailed Nathan Summers from council about how the properties that make up the bike jump site could be listed for sale when we have had email confirmation, and one meeting already, where council would at least consider retaining this land as a reserve for the kids.In spite of this the terms of this "consultation" have been re-written to only consider the new proposed interim site and not the existing site [see attachment].

Their consultation is a sham, I have no faith that they will do anything for the local kids regarding the bike track and there is very little integrity within councils management team and their representatives. The hamfisted way that they have handled this is indicative of the whole development.

I have no faith in this process and I will briefly be attending the on site meeting today at 2pm today to tell Nathan, Elisabeth and the Council in general the same. It is too nice a day to wast any more time with them.

(Letter from council below)

Thankyou for your email of Friday 24 August 2012.  The purpose of the Hat Hill Dirt Bike Jump consultation is to obtain information on how to best manage the Dirt Bike Jump relocation.  It was never about whether the relocation would occur or not.  I apologise if this was not made clear at the meeting of Wednesday 15 Augsut.  
This particular process is not about whether the land sale should proceed.  If you wish to communicate with Council about whether the land sale should proceed please do so through your Ward Councillors or by correspondence with the General Manager.
The decision to proceed with the sale of land was the result of a Council Resolution from the meeting of the 13 March 2012.  As a result of this decision, Council staff were aware that land sales were going to take place as part of the process.  The Project Plan listing the schedule for the Stage 1 of the land sale can be viewed on Council’s website on the web page for the Hat Hill Road, Blackheath Project.  
The process that the Recreation Team were asked to undertake has been to manage the relocation of the DBJ site, and we hope that you will continue to engage with us to get the best result possible in these circumstances.  When we report to Council the outcomes of the consultation, it can be reported that the users feel the existing site cannot be matched.  
I hope this answers your query.  You can contact me on the details below if you would like to discuss this further.


Nathan Summers
Recreation Development Officer
Blue Mountains City Council

Friday, 24 August 2012


We have now been forced to take Direct 

Action against council and the sale of this 

land. If you see potential buyers, real estate 

agents, workers, or anyone from BMCC 

politely let them know "THIS IS COMMUNITY 


should be sold until the proper processes are  

followed. We must not  let them get away 

with this or the future of us having a say

 about what happens to our village is over!