Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Claytons Consultation

Hi Guy’s, BMCC are holding a Claytons Consultations for the Off Leash Area 19th August between 11:00am to 1pm. It will be starting at the Blackheath RSL Hall 2 Bundarra St then proceeding to the site. I encourage all to go and make sure you let them know what you want. 

The meeting for the Bike Jump area will be held on the 25th August, 2pm at the proposed site. Please be there if you are an interested parent or one of the guy's that use the site. This is important we let them know we want to save the existing site.

Please sign our petition to save the site as a reserve.


Also don’t forget to check out our Dog Day At The Airstrip Video, here is the link - http://youtu.be/KEPMOJRMER8
And our highest rating Bike track video - http://youtu.be/2D1axh1QySk

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