Sunday, 3 June 2012

Please come to the Council Meeting on the 5th June at 7:30. At this meeting Cr Eleanor GIBBS will submit our petition. It would be good to show up in full force, fill the room and support her. We are planing to arrive about half an hour early so they will have to walk past us on the way in. Bring signs but remember this to be a calm protest. Please observe the rules when in the council chambers. We do however want them to know we are there so perhaps bring a small sign or banner to wave. Remember this is not about Springwood. It's about the Councils decision to go ahead without following due process and without Community Consultation. Be prepared (bring a book, maybe this one ) as it tends to get a bit boring at times! You may have to sit for a bit before the submission takes place. We need to make a strong show if we are going to make a difference! See you there

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