Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fight with council

My letter to the editor that appeared in this weeks Gazette.

G. Moor (BMG 13/6/12) had access to the BACG (Blackheath Airstrip Comunity Group) Facebook site for a long period of time despite many of the comments being either uninformed, misleading.

He then introduce two of his friends and a family member whose comments were blunt/negative and derogatory of others.

G, Moor had a lot more opportunity to voice his opinion than we have had with Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC).

After many complaints as Administrator of the site I removed him and his friends/ relatives.

BMCC’ s letterhead proclaims it to be “The city within a world heritage national park” Has G Moor told them they got it wrong?

Any development on this site will have a direct impact on the surrounding National Park as will any runoff. Weeds will find their way into the creeks and rivers.

Clearing of habitat will put pressures on threatened species living on the site, surrounding bush land and in the National Park.

Finally I would like to say that BACG is a community group.

Our fight is with BMCC. Not Springwood or other members of the community.

We demand Community Consultation and that BMCC follow its own policies in this regard.
It is a dangerous precedent to allow BMCC to act unilaterally and ignore its constituents.

BACG and I do to not want this BMCC to have the power to approve large- scale developments, such as this, without community consultation.

Nigel Holland
BACG Online Administrator.

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